Featured Speakers

Luiz Ros
Manager for the Opportunities for the
Majority (OM) Sector Office, Inter-American
Development Bank

David Burstein
Author, Fast Future: How the Millennial
Generation is Shaping Our World

Martin Mayorga
Founder and President at Mayorga Coffee, LLC

Michael Radparvar
Co-Founder and CMO of

Scott Leonard
CEO/Co-Founder of Indigenous Designs Corporation

Morgan Simon
Co-Founder and CEO, Toniic

Melanne Verveer
Director of the Georgetown
Institute for Women, Peace and

Other Featured Speakers at IIA

Baruch Shemtov

Television Host and Founder of BARUCH.tv
Marzena Zukowska

Media Manager and Strategist at Ashoka´s Changemakers
Jason Henning

Director of Investor Relations at Global Partnerships
Steven Olikara

President and Co-Founder of Millennial Action Project
Gordon Bronson

Former White House Associate, The White House
Nellie Morris

Co-Founder of Kantian Advisors
Alexandra Douwes

Co-Founder of Kantian Advisors
Jonathan Perry

Analyst and Strategy Specialist, Office of the Regional Vice President, Latin America & the Caribbean, The World Bank
Susan McPherson

Senior Vice President / Director of Global Marketing at Fenton
Rahul Desai

Latin America Private Equity/ Impact Investing Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank
Ross Baird

Executive Director, Village Capital
Jill Newbold

Director of Business Development at Investors’ Circle
Andy Lower

Executive Director at The Eleos Foundation
Laura Escobar Garcia

Inter-American Development Bank
Isabel Mejia Rivas

Inter-American Development Bank